School Visits

Bring the jungle into the classroom where school and nursery children can learn about and handle reptiles!

Lizard, snake, frog, gecko, spider, scorpion, tortoise, chameleon & millipede

  • Presentation by a local Zoologist and Herpetologist using her own trusted reptiles, operating for 12 years in schools around Northern Ireland.
  • Covers the curriculum on the Rainforest, Habitats, Minibeasts, World Around Us and Countries like Africa & Brazil! It gives confidence to children and adults too!
  • Sensory touches amaze kids with the sticky frog, spiked lizard, hard shell of the tortoise and soft snake.
  • Information given in a fun and easy way to understand for all children from
    pre-school toddlers to high school students, aged 1-20!
  • Insurance, risk assessment and access NI checks available. Catherine also has first aid training.
  • Prices range from only £80 – £100 for one to multiple shows for the whole school. Will work within budgets.

Book now for the school term, summer schemes & after school clubs.

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