Amazon Jungle Show is owned and run by Catherine Bennett BSc since 2006. A qualified Zoologist and Herpetologist, Catherine has spent her life devoted to the welfare of animals. After travelling in 2003 around the world, ending up in the Amazon Rainforest, she attended University to study Zoology while she set up her pet minding business which lead to educational talks of reptiles. Her main work relates to entertaining and educating children and adults on jungle reptiles. She shows her own reptiles in schools and birthday parties in people’s homes! She also minds and rescues allsorts of pets from birds, animals and reptiles whilst providing many types of other pet services.

Catherine has worked with Wildlife SOS in India rescuing elephants, Colobus Monkeys in Africa and Amazonian Tribes in relation to conservation.

After traveling in Brazil I wanted to bring the jungle back home so started keeping reptiles. I set up my business as I realised owners should only pay little prices for little pets being minded while they were on holiday. Since then I feel so fortunate that my business has expanded greatly into jungle reptile shows which i’ve been doing now for 12 years.